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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Wololo's PS VITA Hack is REAL!!!!!!!!

Wololo has posted some video proof too (Below) for any skeptics. However we have to remember that is is an exploit on the PSP emulator side of the PS Vita. Its not a PS Vita exploit as such. No access to usr mode on the PS  Vita side of things. But it will let us run user mode homebrew on a PS Vita. And in itself is a great feat we should all be happy about.

All the PSP Emulators, homebrew apps and games that work on HBL will work on the PS Vita via this PSP emulator Half byte loader. Which is being worked on now for the PS Vita. Yes that’s right, HBL is coming to the PS Vita. Wololo has mentioned this:

Spent a good amount of time today confirming some of my hopes that it will be possible to run HBL, at least to some extent, with that exploit. It doesn’t mean I have ported HBL to the Vita yet, but I have strong hopes this will be possible. A handful of hackers are working on bringing HBL to the Vita (I won’t mention their names here as I don’t know if they want to be contacted on the subject), and it should be “relatively” easy to get something to work fairly soon. (It should be noted though that the Vita is quite sensitive and crashed on me several times when it went into “sleep” mode from the exploit screen… from there – am I just paranoid? – it seems it is impossible to reboot the machine for almost 10 minutes, which made me think I had bricked my vita… could it be a anti-hacking security? If the console detects several crashes, it takes longer to boot, in order to prevent brusteforce types of attacks?)

I won’t discuss any release yet, it doesn’t depend on me only (this is, after all, Teck4′s exploit), but if I have my opinion to give on the subject, I would suggest to wait until the Vita is released in Europe and in the US. This gives us some time to polish HBL on this device, and hopefully the vulnerabilities we use to run HBL won’t have been patched by then.

This is of course just a challenge with little to no practical interest… once we publicly reveal the exploit (in particular, the game used in it), it will be extremely easy for Sony to patch it (or remove the game from the Playstation Store), so probably only a few people will be able to benefit from it… but only time will tell, there is still hope, after all, that Sony doesn’t care about a tool that allows us to run user mode psp homebrews in a sandboxed emulator.

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