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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Wololo Promises to RELEASE HBL for PS VITA Publicly

Wololo today posted a new video of HBL in action. This time PSV runs Doom and does it pretty well. Wololo also gave us some more info on the HBL itself :
“We are aware that this hack will be easily patched by Sony, but we still plan to publicly release it some time soon after the US/EU release of the Vita (we still have to port HBL to the EU/US versions of the game but that shouldn’t have any difficulty).”

So we’ ll get a HBL sometime after the US/EU release but as expected it’s easy patchable.

Doom on PSV’s  HBL :

Doom on PSP’s HBL :

Note : Patching the HBL will be very easy task for Sony as all they need to do is to remove the game from PSN.

Note2 : PSV for some reason doesn’t run any PSP Demo so the exploit must be in full PSP game. 

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