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Monday, January 16, 2012

PS Vita Forced firmware updates and Spying!

Ok so PS Vita Firmware 1.51 was just released. *Cough* I mean forced released… Yup, Wololo has also posted that the PS Vita has forced/compulsory firmware updates. PS Vita Firmware 1.51 is now live and if you don’t update you can’t use the content manager feature. So no moving files from or too your PS Vita. That’s rather major and the content manager is a key feature of the PSV. Clever Sony right? And it doesn’t stop there. It seems Sony is also spying on its PS Vita users. Its possible according to Wololo that Sony collects data of what files your moving on and off your PS Vita…. Naughty Sony, I’m not sure this tis very legal. Maybe it is in Japan? Certainly not where I live. There is some good news in this patch.  It does not patch the tech4 save game exploit. Despite what some other PSP sites might say.
From Wololo:
A friendly advice to anybody who tries to “investigate” the Vita like I do: install the content manager on a PC that has no network connection (Update: I think “bastards” is the first word that came to my mouth when I saw that the vita refuses to connect to the PC if the Pc is not connected to the internet. This is really really concerning, and I hope a few people will have a look at the code of the PC “content manager” client. I’d be extremely happy to know why Sony is spying on me through the content manager when I’m copying my porn movies to the vita…), and disconnect the Vita as well. It seems Sony has a possibility to prevent anyone from playing with the Content Manager too much. This also confirms that the PSP Exploit we’re working on is more or less moot, since as soon as it is made public, Sony will prevent people from copying the files to their Vita with an obligatory firmware update.
This is really twisted, and I could swear a compulsory update in order to use such a core feature of the console might be illegal in some countries…we’re far from the “you have a choice to stop using linux” here, it’s more of a “you have a choice to stop copying mp3 and movies from and to the console”.

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