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Thursday, January 26, 2012

HBL confirmed to run fine on Vita’s firmware 1.52

Today developer SKFU was able to confirm that my port of HBL to Teck4′s exploit is still working on 1.52 (this also means that Teck4′s exploit is still here on 1.52, which had been confirmed by mamosuke a few days ago). He also confirmed that the potential vulnerabilities and other stuff he’s found so far are still available in vita 1.52, so it’s relatively safe to upgrade to 1.52 if you own a Vita (I am myself still on 1.51). On Twitter he also posted a picture of a homebrew running through HBL.
I want once again to thank Teck4 for the trust he put in me with this exploit, and for agreeing with the idea of making this exploit available to trusted people like SKFU before we attempt any public release.
source SKFU

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