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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Welcome Park For PS Vita

Entrance to the Future "Welcome Park"

Entrance to the Future "Welcome Park"
Entrance to the Future "Welcome Park"
Entrance to the Future "Welcome Park"
The PS Vita basic operations can be fun and feature-rich experience "Welcome Park" has a pre-installed software. Through five applications, touch, enjoy and learn how to use a microphone or camera. First touching the touch screen in any way, should be able to play the game without confusing PS Vita Once you have experienced a welcome Park. "Flick," "drug" is also the term for such operations, and reach the body naturally. As you play with people, present the trophy. So clear to compete and play time, please aim to challenge many times the best time.

"Welcome Park" five apps

Quick Touch Touch Experience
Experience the touch
Quick Touch
"Touch" experience with a variety of games.Let's touch in the order number displayed.Simultaneously press two fingers, flick and drag, touch the touch pad back and reach the body, such as operations.
Deyokeru slider tilt
Deyokeru slope
"Tilt" you can experience the fun with. Body tilting to and fro PS Vita, I let the ball only appear one after another.
Photo puzzle questions on camera
Questions on camera
Photo Puzzle
"Camera" you can experience the fun with.Photos taken with camera PS Vita, enjoy a photo puzzle. Disrupt moving pictures, let's finish the original photo.
Playing with the loop microphone voice
Playing with Microphone
Voice Loops
"Mike," you can experience the fun with. Voices and sounds will sound the ball was blown into the microphone, will be played repeatedly. Touch on the touch pad and back, you can also play sound effects on the body better swing.
Hello camera face detection
The camera found
Hello Face
"Camera" you can experience the fun with. Let's take a picture what you see looking faces and landscapes. Find a good face and starts moving photo. Do not touch your face, please try to talk or hear.

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