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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Useful Apps



PS3 ® you can hear music from your PC and captures.
PS Vita BGM their own style they decide
Shuffle, you can set or change the sound.
BGM decide their own
style that PS Vita
PS3 ® on your PC and copy music and can play on the PS Vita.
I can play in the background while you play games, listen to your favorite music games.


And photography, taking pictures can be viewed.
The album of memories to frame scenes and everyday people in the game
The camera can also take advantage of features such as games AR.
The album of memories to frame scenes and everyday people in the game
You can take pictures, you can display the captured image.
You can also view a screenshot taken during the game. The image scale in touch any way you want.


You can watch movies and other video content.
Fit your own private theater in the hands
Scene search and continuous playback features such as convenient.
Fits in the hands
of a private theater just for you
PlayStation ® Store and download the video, PS3® can watch videos from your computer or copied.
Overwhelmingly beautiful screen of PS Vita, you can enjoy the video.


You can browse Web sites on the Internet
But now the information you want during the games and movies
You can open up to eight windows.
In the middle of games and movies
now to know information
You can see the Web site. You can also find information quickly and they are watching the official site to play games.
Content management

Content management

PS3 ® to manage data in conjunction with PC and PS Vita
Videos, photographs and music - "like" treasure box packed
PS3 ® or PC to copy data
"Content Management" Start, PS3 ® copy the data on the PC and PS Vita. All operations performed on the PS Vita.
To back up the data on PS Vita
Data on the PS Vita, PS3 ® or saved on your computer, inserting or removing the luggage to the bag, transfer the contents can be changed.
Videos, photographs and music - "like" treasure box packed
PS3 ® or PC Connect, music and video, and copy the image data, you can back up data from PS Vita. 
"PlayStation ® but want to download games in Store, can not be downloaded on the memory card is full "- PS3 At such times ® and let your computer connect to.
Content PS3 game ended ® and transferred to a PC, you can save it. Stuffed favorite games and music that sometimes PS Vita, wherever you can enjoy.

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