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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

High-quality gaming experience

Beautiful graphics of the best handheld games

Paints a beautiful organic EL display graphics 3.5, brings a deeper immersion into the game world.The resolution, PSP ® four times what the! Also a wide viewing angle, a portable game machine but also easy to see nice tilt feature.
Even more beautiful depiction of the landscape spread below the cliff ▲
PlayStation ® Software for Vita "Uncharted - the beginning of an adventure without a map -> > Official Website
© Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC.

The two analog sticks and comfortable operation

The two analog sticks arranged on both sides, PS3 ® achieved similar ease. Portable gaming also can enjoy the familiar gameplay style.
Get familiar design with a sense of stability
Get familiar ▲, designed with a sense of stability

More Games "experience" to

PS Vita made ​​it possible to perform various operations with multi-touch capabilities on the back of the finger front.
The game play "push pull grab tracing touch" or enjoy a sense, you can work smart and intuitive as well as browser and keyboard.
The world game "touch" can be
▲ world game "touch" sensation

The possibility of a new game using various sensors

For example, you can also easily clear the game by touching the operation difficult. For example, it depicts a real-world scene in the background of the game world.
Touch, motion sensors, electronic compass, a combination of sensors, microphones, PS Vita spread from the possibility of an entirely new game.
Gyro sensors control the gravity!
▲ motion sensors to control gravity!
PlayStation ® Software for Vita "and gravity dizziness GRAVITY DAZE /: Return to the top in the perturbation occurred in her universe" > Official Website © Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

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